Pebax® Polyether Block Amide


Pebax® MED polyether block amides are plasticizer-free, thermoplastic elastomers belonging to the engineering polymer family. They are easy to process by injection molding and profile or film extrusion. Medical grade Pebax® can be easily melt blended with many other polymers. Its unique chemistry (polyether block amide – PEBA) allows it to achieve a wide range of physical and mechanical properties by varying the monomer block types and ratios. The Pebax® MED product family covers a wide range of performance, from tough and rigid engineering thermoplastics to soft, rubbery and resilient elastomers.

The remarkable processing performance of medical grade Pebax® makes it an ideal biomedical material for medical device components:

  • Class VI certification
  • Sterilizable (ETO, steam, gamma up to 10Mrads)
  • Bondable by adhesives or RF welding
  • Easily compounded with other polymers and additives for custom performance
  • Excellent dynamic properties due to low hysteresis
  • Excellent impact resistance and retention of flexibility at low temperatures
  • Consistent durometer and flexibility at room and body temperature
  • Good resistance to most chemicals
Pebax® 2533 SA01 MED
Pebax® 3533 SA01 MED
Pebax® 4033 SA01 MED
Pebax® 4533 SA01 MED
Pebax® 5533 SA01 MED
Pebax® 6333 SA01 MED
Pebax® 7033 SA01 MED
Pebax® 7233 SA01 MED
Pebax® 7433 SA01 MED
Pebax® MV1074 SA01 MED