MX-Nylon™ (MXD6)

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, MX-Nylon is a semi-crystalline, semi-aromatic polyamide, comprised on meta-xylene diamine. MX-Nylon offers superior tensile and flexural strength when compared to Nylon 6, 6/6 and 12, while being half as moisture sensitive. MX-Nylon also offers superior gas barrier properties against oxygen and carbon dioxide and can be used in medical packaging as an alternative to ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH), acrylonitrile (PAN), and polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) copolymers. Excellent heat stability and a wide processing window, allows this unique polyamide to be co-extruded or co-injection molded with other polymers.
MX-Nylon ME1003
MX-Nylon ME1007
MX-Nylon ME1121